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The Rise Of Lady Lowriders And Other All-Women Car Clubs In LA, LAist, June 2022

Denial Vs. Dread: Why We React to Crises the Way We Do, DAME, December 2021

COVID Medical Costs Leave Families in Dire Straits, DAME, September 2021

Strippers Nationwide Are Fighting for Workers' Rights, Playboy, May 2019

Your Guide to California's New Recreational Marijuana Rules, Los Angeles Magazine, December 2017

When Camming Is the Family Business, Playboy, November 2017

With Harvey Weinstein out, Hollywood speculates on whether its culture will change, The Washington Post, October 2017

Tune In, Turn On. Loveline With Amber Rose and Chris Donaghue, Inked, August 2017

Meet the Country's Most Innovative Female Sex Artisans, Playboy, July 2017

Can Amnesty International Help Legalize Prostitution in America? Playboy, May 2017

Outspoken, Decisive, and Unafraid to Take on the Male Dominated NFL, The New York Times, November 2015

The New Bad Boys of Country Music, Playboy, April 2015

UCLA Students Provide Aid to a Tijuana Squatter TownLA Weekly, March 2015

Anjelica Huston: 'Our Time Has Come', The New York Times March 2015

Occidental Controversy Intensifies With Allegations Against Longtime Athletic Trainer, LA Weekly, April 2014

Break Ins and Cover-Ups at Occidental? LA Times' Jason Felch Firing Raises More Questions, LA Weekly, March 2014

Ex-Officer Says Occidental Sat On Anonymous Reports of Sex Assaults, LA Weekly, May 2014

Rape at Occidental College: Official Hush-Up Shatters Trust, LA Weekly, June 2013

Wells Fargo Typo Victim Dies in CourtLA Weekly, March 2013

Homeless Vets' Tough L.A. Winter, LA Weekly, January 2013

Fili Lamas' Family Tragedy, LA Weekly, December 2012

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