Recent Press and Appearances

May 2019: My article for The Washington Post, "How actresses who are just starting out get pressured into 'creepy' nude scenes," was a finalist for an LA Press Club award for entertainment feature. 

October 2017: I received honorable mention for Feature Article at the min Editorial awards for my Playboy story, "The Beauties of Sinaloa"

June 2017: I won a Los Angeles Press Club award for my BuzzFeed story, "The Revolutionary Routine of Life as a Female Trucker" 

May 2016: I joined Matt Pusateri on The Nonfiction Podcast to discuss reporting and writing my BuzzFeed story, "The Revolutionary Routine of a Female Trucker" 

December 2015: Had way too much fun talking to Janet Varney on Nerdist's The JV Club podcast about my teenage years, writing for Playboy, and playing M.A.S.H.

November 2015: Sat down at KPFK's North Hollywood studio to talk about the second piece in my "Women in Hollywood" series

June 2015: I was a finalist for the Los Angeles Press Club's award for Investigative Reporting for my LA Weekly series, "How Hollywood Keeps Out Women"

April 2015: Joined Melissa Silverstein and Katherine Pieper on Huffington Post Live to discuss women in Hollywood

December 2014: Appeared on 90.7 KPFK to talk about my LA Weekly story on the so-called "McMansionization" of Los Angeles